NATE Training

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NATE Training & Testing

We provide both training and testing for NATE Certification. Our refresher courses get you ready for test taking and help you focus on the critical test information.

NATE Certification makes good business sense. Certification is about professionalism, pride, knowledge, proficiency and consumer trust because NATE-certified technicians are experts in residential HVAC and light commercial and commercial refrigeration.

Technicians taking the test can prove they have the knowledge to be the best. Those who pass can wear the distinctive NATE patch and place the NATE decal on their truck. The NATE symbol is recognized by the industry and growing numbers of consumers as the mark of technician excellence.

What’s on the NATE test?

There are 22 different NATE tests. The knowledge areas of technician expertise (KATEs) are divided into tests for installation and service (see chart below). The KATEs are outlines of the information covered in each exam. They should be used as reference material while preparing for the NATE exams as they represent the knowledge, skills and abilities a technician should possess to pass.

This chart shows you the two main tracks for NATE certification. To achieve NATE certification, one must pass both the CORE test, plus one specialty test. Click on each of the sections below to download the corresponding Knowledge Areas of Technician Expertise (KATEs).

Core Installation (Required for Certification)

Core Service (Required for Certification)

Air Conditioning Installation Air Conditioning Service
Air Distribution Installation Air Distribution Service
Air to Air Heat Pump Installation Air to Air Heat Pump Service
Gas Heating Installation Gas Heating Service
Oil Heating Installation Oil Heating Service
Hydronics Gas Installation Hydronics Gas Service
Hydronics Oil Installation Hydronics Oil Service
Light Commercial Refrigeration Installation Light Commercial Refrigeration Service
Commercial Refrigeration Installation Commercial Refrigeration Service

In-person Refresher Trainings

We offer one-day refresher courses that are designed to get you prepared for the following NATE topics, covering both service and installation:

– Core Essentials
– Air Distribution
– Air Conditioners & Heat Pumps
– Oil & Gas Heating

For information on our training schedule, visit our training calendar. If you would like to discuss a custom training for your group of 8 or more, please contact us directly.

If you’re ready to take the test, and don’t require training, contact our office to schedule a testing time that is convenient for you.

How do I become NATE-Certified?

To become NATE-certified, you must pass both a CORE and a SPECIALTY test of your choice, the specialty certification would be in either the INSTALLATION or SERVICE path. Note, this is not a requirement for Ground Source Heat Pump certification.

The Core test covers the candidates general knowledge, construction knowledge and HVACR specific knowledge in the areas of safety/tools/soft skills, heat transfer/comfort, and electrical systems. Specialty exams cover the candidates knowledge of the installation, service maintenance and or repair of HVAC/R systems. Please review each KATE for specific requirements, by clicking on the item in the chart above.

The exams cover information that eight out of ten technicians have an 80 percent chance of encountering at least once in a 12-month period.

Who Supports NATE Certification?

  • Contractors support NATE Certification because certified technicians remain in the industry longer, and have the knowledge to do the job right the first time and are more productive than non-certified technicians.
  • Manufacturers & distributors support NATE Certification because certification encourages proper installation and service of equipment by knowledgeable technicians, which means fewer warranty returns and ultimately, a better bottom line.
  • Utilities support NATE Certification because properly trained and tested technicians can assure the correct installation and servicing of sophisticated HVAC/R equipment that saves energy and money when operating at peak efficiency.
  • Consumers support NATE Certification because third-party certification assures them that a knowledgeable, well trained and highly experienced technician will service their home heating or cooling system. When asked 87 percent of consumers prefer a certified technician to work on their home comfort system. That’s proof certification matters.
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