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We Design HVAC Systems

Code compliance. More profitable jobs. Greater efficiency. Better air distribution.

Whatever your motivation, we have you covered.

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Our Core Design Services


Bigger isn’t better. — The load calculation tells us what your house actually needs. Oversizing can lead to moisture issues, noisy ducts, and high energy bills.


Choose the right size. — Larger systems consume more energy and blow more air. These also require larger ducts and more terminations.


Ductwork delivers. — Properly designed and sized ductwork quietly delivers the right amount of air to the right spot.


Fine-tuned quality. — We’ll specify the size, positioning, and grille selection of each termination. Say goodbye to stratified air and whistling registers.


We have used your services for a few years now and are completely satisfied.  We always get a very quick turnaround with our projects, prices are very fair and all of our clients have been comfortable in their homes with our company using the manuals J, D and S.  We will not use anyone else to design our jobs.  Communication has been some of the best we could have.  You respond very quickly, no being on hold for long periods of time and we always get a call back or email promptly. Tim Myers

C&C Myers Heating & A/C, LLC

We have had a positive experience over the past year working with Isaac and his team at Home Energy Partners. Through their knowledge of HVAC design calculations, we have been able to offer our clients an additional service to pair with our spray foam insulation systems. We consider Home Energy Partners to be an asset an will continue to work with them currently and in the future. Hunter Clement

Owner, Apex Building Company


Junk-In = Junk-Out

A good designer has to understand the fundamentals of HVAC system design as well as the nuances of the software they’re using.

All of our design services are managed by our firm’s Principal, Isaac Savage. He is an ACCA (Air Conditioning Contractor’s Association) EPIC certified teacher. This is the industry recognized HVAC Design teaching certification. In addition to that, he also travels nation-wide teaching contractors HVAC design fundamentals and how to use RightSuite Universal, Wrightsoft’s HVAC design software. This means that you have a designer working for you that has an intimate understanding of both the fundamentals and the software. So, rest assured, you can trust the results of the process.

Professional Expertise
In addition to providing HVAC design services for our clients, we also train others on how to do the same. Our ACCA-certified EPIC trainer has trained over 100 people in the last year alone, including HERS Raters, HVAC contractors, Builders, and Architects.
We Get Code Compliance
We get that sometimes the main goal is code compliance. If you’re looking for a no-frills piecemeal solution, we can do that. It’ll still be accurate and timely, of course.
We Get Your Climate
We provide design work to HVAC contractors all over the nation, in every type of climate. Hot, dry, cold, wet.
Breathe Easy
Our staff has developed ventilation training for national training centers. We have an intimate understanding of ASHRAE 62.2 and the many options available to provide an appropriate ventilation solution, whatever the climate.
We’ve worked on a wide spectrum of buildings, from low-income multifamily housing to 25,000 square-foot estates. Our clientele spectrum includes production-oriented HVAC companies to high-end architecture firms, and everywhere in between.
We Speak GREEN
We understand green program requirements like LEED and ENERGY STAR Version 3. We can design to meet these specific standards and complete associated paperwork, if needed.
Quality Assurance
If you want to have us involved beyond the design-phase, we can provide a variety of on-site services to assist in quality installation – including duct leakage testing, air-flow balancing, and combustion testing.

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 HVAC Design is the Missing Ingredient in Most Homes

Imagine what you’d get if you tried to build a car without designing it first. Or a house. Or an… HVAC system!

The Typical HVAC System:

  • Only delivers 65% of the heating/cooling that it should.
  • Blows too much air in some rooms, and not enough in others.
  • Pulls pollutants into the home from outside spaces (from duct leakage and/or lack of pressure balancing).
  • Has no means of bringing in outside air to ventilate the indoor environment.
  • The machine is typically over-sized, compared to what the house actually needs.
  • No filtration system is present to remove small particulate — the cheap-o filters don’t count.
  • Air doesn’t circulate within rooms effectively, resulting in stratified air (cool air stays on the floor – hot air stays on the top – not very comfortable).

Don’t Install an Energy Hog

The HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air-Conditioning) systems not only consume huge amounts of a home’s total energy budget, but also impact the comfort and well-being of the occupants more than any other system in a house. Since these systems play such a large role in a home’s performance, it’s important that they receive enough “design” attention to make sure they’ll work as intended. Generally speaking, this is not the case.

Digging a Little Deeper Into the Process

More info on the ACCA manuals and why each step matters.

Manual-J Load Calculations

Why isn’t bigger better? Air conditioners are designed to remove moisture from the air. But they have to run in order to do this. When A/C systems are too big, they satisfy the thermostat too quickly, not allowing the unit to run and dehumidify. This leaves you with cold clammy air, and the potential for some serious moisture and air quality issues. The Manual-J load calculation process tells us how much heating and cooling the house actually needs. Rules of thumb can quickly get you into an oversized situation, which affects not only the comfort and air quality, but also the energy bills.

Manual-S: Equipment Selection

After the load is known, the next step is to select equipment that matches. This step is often neglected. The most important aspect of selection is to interpret the capacity at the design conditions found at the location at which it will be installed. This requires interpolation of the manufacturer’s data. Ignoring this often leads to incorrectly sized systems.
Manual-J Calculation

Manual-D: Duct Design & Sizing

Ducts are the arteries of your HVAC system, carrying the comfort-giving air to all corners of your building. To ensure the right amount of air gets to the right room, and at the right velocity for proper mixing, the ductwork must be designed and sized correctly. Most systems have under-sized ductwork. The resulting restriction limits the amount of air in the system, resulting in lower system capacity and decreased efficiency. Duct sizes will change depending on a variety of factors. Never trust a rule of thumb when it comes to duct sizing.

Manual-T: Terminations

The right termination (the grille that you see from inside your house) can make dramatic differences in how air moves around the room. Some terminations are more effective than others, for certain situations. We’ll make sure your terminations match the needs of the home.

Choose Your Design Package, then Customize.

Pricing varies based on size and complexity.
Pricing shown below based on typical 3500 sqft project.
After submitting your project info, a fixed-price proposal will be provided to you.


A Room-By-Room Manual-J
  • Room by room load calculation
  • We’ll account for zoning needs
  • We’ll account for multiple systems


All 4 Manuals: J, S, D, & T
  • All of the Standard package features, plus:
  • Manual-T Termination Specifications
  • Boot/Grille Sizing & Specification


The Whole Enchilada
  • All of the Premium package features, plus:
  • Ventilation System specification and Design
  • Make-up Air Specification for Kitchen & Laundry

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