Manual-J Training

Manual-J Training (Wrightsoft or Elite)

Manual‐J is the first step of the HVAC design process. This process ensures that the designer understands the true energy needs of a building, so that a properly sized system can be selected. Due to the presence of new building materials, advanced insulation systems, solar design strategies, and efficient ventilation systems, it’s no longer possible to use rule‐of‐thumb HVAC sizing methods and achieve accurate results.

This class will provide you a better understanding of proper system sizing and the implications of doing things the “wrong” way. Special attention will be focused on how to properly select equipment based on the results of your Manual‐J load calculation, emphasizing proper sizing of heat pumps and air conditioners to maximize dehumidification and avoid system oversizing. Other topics covered will include: mechanical ventilation, envelope leakage, zoning, and AED excursions. You’ll leave this class familiar with Wrightsoft/Elite software, enabling you to easily perform Manual-J load calculations for yourself or your clients. We also cover Manual-S, which covers the proper methods of selecting equipment to match the load produced by the Manual-J. By properly selecting equipment, one can avoid oversizing and increase the overall performance of the system.

Do You Need To Buy the Software First?

You will not need to purchase Wrightsoft or Elite software to complete any of our classes. We will use the “demo” version of the software, which is available on the manufacturer’s website. A special coupon is available to all students that complete our courses, should you wish to purchase the software afterwards.

Online / On-Demand Training

Home Energy Partners’ online, on-demand training works at your pace and on your schedule. All videos and presentations are recorded by our Building Science experts utilizing years of industry experience and knowledge. Watch the videos as often as you want, as many times as you want for the duration of the class. Complete the training at your own pace, at the times that work best for your schedule, from anywhere in the world with an internet connection! Sign up now for instant access to our online courses and forums.

Looking for a Live, In-Person, Hands-on Approach?

Manual-J TrainingCheck out our upcoming classes in the right-hand sidebar of this page. Or, contact us to schedule a live training for you and your organization. We will cover all the same material as our online class but you will also get to practice using the equipment with an instructor present to help with tips and troubleshooting. Our schedule for 2014 is being put together now.




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