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We’ve been working in the energy efficiency field since 2002. We’re not just teaching from a textbook, we’re educating from experience on the front lines of the industry. Our specialty is providing students with training on the aspects of home and HVAC system performance that most product manufacturers and distributors don’t address. There’s not really a part or piece that ties directly to the stuff we teach. We focus on how the building systems work as a whole.

While our trainings all have separate titles, we bring a healthy dose of general building science into each class. A solid understanding of how an HVAC system interacts with and affects the building as a whole is critical to your success as an HVAC or home performance contractor. Looking beyond the HVAC system not only delivers more value to your client, but also helps your bottom-line.

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Online Training

Home Energy Partners’ online, on-demand training works at your pace and on your schedule. As a busy professional you need flexible industry training options to keep up with codes change and new industry standards as they are adopted. You need to be able to get up to speed quickly and effectively and apply what you’ve learned in the field.

Home Energy Partners online, on-demand training gives you 24/7 access to the learning modules that will keep you current. Whether you are looking to learn about new code requirements, expand your business offerings to ENERGY STAR builders, or need continuing education credits for your professional designations, Home Energy Partners is here to meet your needs. We’ve provided training to some of the premiere HVAC, design & construction, building science, and non-profit companies in the country. Our goal is to ensure that as a result of our online training you have the confidence to apply what you’ve learned, can perform your job better and can be seen as an expert on the subject matter.

On-Demand Access

All of Home Energy Partners online training videos and presentations are recorded by HEP  Building Science experts, sharing years of industry experience and knowledge.  Watch the videos as often as you want, as many times as you want for maximum comprehension.  HEP online training with on-demand access is an advanced  and detailed oriented course that covers the topics you need most to apply the theory in the real world. By learning the practical application of the material with ability to watch videos multiple times, you will have plenty of “sink time” to become a true expert.

Practice Makes Perfect

Online Training Load Calculation

Home Energy Partners trainings offer experiential learning opportunities to practice what you’ve learned .  We provide practice examples that will give you opportunities to use the software, run the calculations, and use the forms or tools that you will need to get the job done.

Have a question? Ask the experts in our HEP User Forums and expect an answer within 24 hours. Interact with other students by responding to questions and offering tips from what you’ve learned. At the end of HEP online training courses you will have an opportunity to test your knowledge by applying what you’ve learned. If you haven’t mastered the material you will receive direct feedback and can revisit the learning modules and ask more questions in our user forums before trying again.

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